LeBron James: I Don't Believe Daryl Morey Was Educated About The Situation in China

Stephen Douglas
Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets - NBA China Games 2019
Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets - NBA China Games 2019 / Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

LeBron James finally addressed the Daryl Morey / China / Hong Kong situation and well, it was disappointing. James said that while we have freedom of speech in America, sometimes you have to consider the consequences of what you say or tweet. He also said that he didn't think Daryl Morey was educated about the situation when he tweeted.

""So many people could been harmed, not only financially, but physically, emotionally, spiritually." "

This is rough. The most powerful basketball player in the world chose not to take a stand against China. Which is understandable. He's also one of the guys with the most money to lose if China bans the NBA. James is a corporation and corporations only care about making more money.

UPDATE: LeBron has clarified his statement, saying that he specifically meant Morey was not considering the consequences of his tweet.