VIDEO: LeBron James Responds to Kyle Kuzma's Trainer's Comments [UPDATE]

Liam McKeone
LeBron James takes questions
LeBron James takes questions /

The internet was abuzz yesterday when Kyle Kuzma's trainer took a shot at LeBron James on Instagram, and Kuzma seemed to agree in a tweet he later deleted. On Saturday, LeBron was asked about it, and said Kuzma told him what the situation was, but that it didn't really bother him, and it comes with the territory.

It's easy to believe LeBron when he says that he's used to this sort of thing. The NBA is a star-powered league, and no star shines brighter than that of LeBron James. Controversy and intrigue, some real and some manufactured, follows him wherever he goes.

The fact that Kuzma came up to talk to him about it proves that this was a real thing that happened, but he nipped it in the bud before it became a problem. Just another day in the NBA.

UPDATE: Kuzma himself responded to the situation later in the afternoon: