LeBron James Made Things Worse Today

Bobby Burack
Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets - NBA China Games 2019
Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets - NBA China Games 2019 / Zhizhao Wu/Getty Images

LeBron James has addressed his controversial comments regarding the NBA-China situation today after practice. If anything, he made the situation worse. James now claims he is done talking about the NBA's China problems because he isn't a politician.

It's bizarre that James would say he isn't addressing the issue again, when he never did in the first place. He didn't specifically address the China situation in his first comments about Daryl Morey's Hong Kong tweet Monday night. Instead, he stood afraid and acted like a sellout.

James is right, he isn't a politician. But did he think he used to be? Was he a politician when he spoke out against Donald Trump? Or when he said NFL owners had a "slave mentality?" It appears James has totally forgotten he made a promise that he would never just "shut up in dribble." And being "more than athlete" must not apply when it could impact his bottom line, clearly.

This is a messy situation, and somehow, nine days in, nobody looks worse than LeBron James.