VIDEO: LeBron Chides Reporter Who Asks If He'd Play for Knicks If They Draft His Son

Ryan Glasspiegel
LeBron James and Bronny James
LeBron James and Bronny James / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

LeBron James and the Lakers played the Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday. After the game, a reporter asked, with the backdrop that Knicks fans have been clamoring him for upwards of two decades, if he'd consider signing there if they drafted his son LeBron James Jr.

"My son's in ninth grade man," LeBron answered. "I'm trying to worry about what project he got to turn in tomorrow. That's what we're worried about right now. That's what's most important. School, home, and being the best big brother he can be."

Look, LeBron has been talking publicly about wanting to share a court with his son since Bronny was 13, and again when he was 14. It's not actually that outlandish of a question, and to LeBron's point about school, Sierra Canyon plays games all over the country and all over TV and streaming platforms. This isn't the typical high school freshman we're talking about. Furthermore, depending on whether the NBA changes its draft eligibility rules or not, this is a scenario that is plausibly only 3-4 years away if Bronny is talented enough.

The more salient question is whether LeBron will still be good enough at age 38 or 39 for a team like the Knicks to take a flier on pairing the father and son together.