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LeBron James Broke Austin Reaves' Brain

Kyle Koster

LeBron James has played in over 1,600 NBA games if you combine the regular season and the playoffs. Austin Reaves has played in 29. So it makes all the sense in the world that LeBron would have some battle-tested wisdom to impart to his rookie teammate during last night's Lakers' victory over the Brooklyn Nets. Whatever it was, though, briefly short-circuited Reaves' mind and created a delightful new reaction GIF.

One presumes it was about the defense. Yet it could really have been about anything. Perhaps James was clueing his young squire into a helpful shortcut he'd discovered to the practice facility. Or was sharing a particularly exciting new chicken picatta recipe. Or was telling Reaves a long-held secret that could change everything if it ever became public. Anything and everything is on the table.

In non-funny face news, the Lakers proved they could beat the class of the NBA and saw Anthony Davis return after a 17-game absence. They are now 24-24 and in eighth place in the Western Conference. Perhaps this victory will be the beginning of something or, more likely, we'll all be looking like Reaves after the next bit of discord bubbles up.