LeBron James Muses About Content Creation

Kyle Koster
LeBron James has an idea.
LeBron James has an idea. / Harry How/Getty Images

While a sports-less nation gathered around television sets to watch a re-air of the 2016 NBA Finals last night, LeBron James, one of the people who played a significant role in the outcome, pondered aloud if he should be creating more content.

James accurately identifies the two options for releasing something. You either do it live or you save it for later. It appears he has a good handle on this.

The proletariat in me would prefer he do it without charge or outside creative influence. Just turn on the phone and start pontificating. The business side realizes there's likely a lucrative partnership to be had.

Though, these uncertain times has networks tightening the purse strings.

James has an endless amount of footage to break down considering how many memorable moments have emanated from his epicenter. Looking forward to seeing this materialize but will absolutely be accepting a trigger warning of the 25 straight points against the Detroit Pistons that will be a selected topic. Still too soon to revisit that.