LeBron James and Anthony Davis are Already a Really Fun Duo

LeBron James Anthony Davis
LeBron James Anthony Davis / Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are playing their first home game at Staples Center for the Lakers Wednesday night. It's safe to say these two already have great chemistry and it has shown early against the Golden State Warriors.

James and Davis are playing off each other so well while also involving the rest of the team. Yeah, it's a preseason game, but based on the way they're moving off of each other and the way they're looking for each other and their teammates, it's obvious these two know how to play together.

Check this play out:

Watch this insane pass from James to Danny Green, and how Davis played garbage man near the rim:

Check out LeBron working the pick-and-roll with Davis, who finds JaVale McGee on a lob:

That's perfect offense right there. But there's more...

How about AD playing distributor here, and finding Alex Caruso for the deuce:

Or LeBron unleashing the spin move in transition:

Finally check out this touch pass/alley-oop from James to Dwight Howard:

That's just gorgeous.