LeBron James, Anthony Davis and J.R. Smith Went For a Bike Ride, Then Smith Had His Own Adventure

Stephen Douglas

LeBron James, Anthony Davis and J.R. Smith went for a bike ride on Saturday afternoon. A fan driving by caught the trio on camera. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are quite a sight on bicycles, as well as excellent role models who wear helmets.

It doesn't look like free agent J.R. Smith is wearing a helmet. Later in the day, Smith went to a protest with Jordan Clarkson.

That's when he apparently saw someone break a window in his truck. He chased him down a "whooped his ass."

Quite a day for Smith, 34, who last played with the Cavaliers during the 2018-2019 season. If and when the season resumes, it will be interesting to see if any playoff teams consider bringing him in for a workout.