LeBron James and Paul George's Complaints about the Refs are Petty and Inaccurate

Bobby Burack

After being dominated by a Kawhi Leonard-less Spurs team on Sunday, LeBron James decided to spin the negative narrative on to the officials.

When speaking to reporters, LeBron discussed how the games are being called:

LeBron says, “We’re at a point now where we protect the shooter more than the driver,” and it is a result of the “chicks digging the long ball.” While the second part is true, the first part, not so much.

Claiming the NBA officials now protect the shooters more than the drivers is not exactly correspondent to what the statistics say.

LeBron is currently tied at 14th in FTA per game, during the time he accused the NBA of favoring the shooters, he was also tied at 6.0 with, well, Steph Curry …

Looking over the ones that are getting to the line most frequently, shows that the list is not exactly filled with what most would call shooters. Even James Harden – leading the league – gets to the line often by slashing in the paint.


And then there was Paul George. Much like LeBron, after George’s win on Monday, he decided to make a claim himself: