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LeBron James and Magic Johnson Both Incredibly Depressed By Current State of the Lakers

Stephen Douglas
Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers
Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Portland Trail Blazers beat the Los Angeles Lakers, 107-105, on Wednesday night. It was the Lakers' 11th loss in their last 16 games. If that sounds bad, wait until you see how people in and around the Lakers reacted. First you had LeBron James, who just wanted to go home, have some wine, and crawl into bed.

On the Lakers' postgame show, James Worthy wondered if this was the "lowest point of just about any season" that he had seen as a Laker. Worthy was drafted 40 years ago so that's saying something. He was there at the end of the Kobe era when the team went six straight seasons without a winning record.

And worst of all, Magic Johnson was unable to say something positive, or even neutral, on Twitter.

The Lakers have broken Magic Johnson. This is probably what Worthy meant when he said this was a new low point.