LeBron James Nicknamed Alex Caruso the "GOAT"

Ryan Phillips
Alex Caruso plays for the Lakers against the Knicks
Alex Caruso plays for the Lakers against the Knicks / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Alex Caruso has become a bit of a phenom this season for the Los Angeles Lakers. He's gotten several nicknames -- the "Bald Mamba" the "Bald Eagle" and the "Carushow" -- but one now stands above the others. LeBron James has now taken to calling Caruso "G.O.A.T."

Mark Stein profiled Caruso for The New York Times on Tuesday and in the middle of the piece he revealed the following about the 25-year-old guard's interactions with James:

"“Every time I see him and say, ‘Hey, Bron,’ he just calls me G.O.A.T. The first couple times it kind of threw me off. Now it’s just an everyday thing.""

James has even gone so far as to tweet his nickname:

Caruso was given a two-year, $5.5 million contract by the Lakers in the offseason and has developed into a key rotation player for the team. His numbers during the 2018-19 season were actually better than this year's, but he was playing on a much worse team late in a lost season. His contributions this year have been far more consequential.

So far this year in 37 games, Caruso is averaging 5.9 points, 2.2 assists and 2.1 rebounds in 19.6 minutes a game. His scoring averages have gone up every month, as have his field goal and 3-point percentages.

Caruso is a lot of fun when he's on the court, and his teammates clearly love him. The Carushow will go on, and James will keep calling him the GOAT.