LeBron Detonates on Jusef Nurkic, Then Got into a Screaming Match on the Bench with Ty Lue


The greatest dunk of LeBron’s career will get all the love on social media, but this moment on the sideline between Ty Lue and LeBron should be discussed even more.

As the sputtering Cavs lost again on their 6-game road trip – 2-3 with a Saturday date in Chicago – LeBron and Lue seemed to disagree on something.

And Ty Lue shouted at LeBron, and the best player in the history of the franchise yelled back. And this went on for a few seconds until, mercifully, it ended. You’ll notice the Cavs bench players make sure not to watch, but they can clearly hear what’s going on. George Hill looks at the court and has to be saying to himself, “Man, this is crazier than Sacramento!”

Besides the obvious jokes – why is Lue gonna yell at the Cavs coach? – Cleveland remains 1/2 game back of the Pacers for the 3rd spot in the East.

When the discussion inevitably turns to what LeBron will do in July when he opts out to become a free agent, this video will be shared. We’ve seen Mike D'Antoni in Houston feud with Carmelo Anthony when things weren’t running smoothly.

Last week, LeBron praised Luke Walton.

Nah, I’m not going where you think I’m going.

Given that the 76ers have the easiest schedule left in the East, the Cavs don’t want to finish 4th and have to play Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. The Cavs are actually in a precarious spot, and I’m not talking about LeBron.

If this team somehow doesn’t get to the Finals, there’s no chance LeBron’s staying in Cleveland.