Leaked Bucks City Edition Jerseys Celebrate 'Cream City'

Liam McKeone
Chicago Bulls v Milwaukee Bucks
Chicago Bulls v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Every team has new City Edition jerseys this year. Basing it off last year's uniforms, it's really hit-or-miss; Brooklyn's Biggie-themed outfits or the Miami Vice pink for the Heat were incredible, for example, but Detroit and Charlotte just had nothing going for them.

The Bucks have a solid regular jersey combo, although last year's City Edition orange uniforms couldn't stack up to the cream-colored alts that are, in my opinion, the freshest in the league. It seems like the Bucks were on a similar page, because this year, they really leaned into the cream concept. Like, really leaned into it, as you can see from the leaked photo below.

I mean... Come on, fellas. Not a single person in either Nike or Milwaukee's board room saw "Cream City" and had a second thought about it? Most people probably don't know that Milwaukee is nicknamed Cream City for the color of the bricks that most of the buildings are made of, and I can nearly guarantee you that is not what will first come to mind when they flip on the television and see Cream City plastered on the front of everyone's jersey.

I'm sure every NBA team is shaking in fear (and not laughter) at the idea of a road game in Cream City.