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Lawyer For Suspended MSU Football Player Has Released Quite a Statement

Kyle Koster

Eight Michigan State players have been suspended for the tunnel incident at Michigan Stadium late last month. Legal and Big Ten authorities are investigating. Yesterday brought a report we could have more information by the end of the week. Following the second batch of punitive measures taken by Mel Tucker, there's been a bit of an information vacuum, which is slightly odd because cameras were rolling and everyone was reportedly cooperating with the process.

A new wrinkle has been added this afternoon as Dave Diamond, an attorney representing one of the suspended Spartans, released a strongly worded statement.

The statement claims that an "investigation yields that a Michigan football player engaged with Spartan athletes with his helmet and swinging a punch." And "the media has taken the bait from a coach and master victim and his howls at the moon."

It then engages in some question-asking as to why Juwan Howard wasn't charged with assault for his postgame handshake fracas with Greg Gard and why Devin Bush wasn't dinged for felony vandalism after cleating some turf in East Lansing before laying out alleged failures by incompetent security.

It's really quite a document, complete with Diamond recalling a 1995 incident involving a Michigan basketball player, a large cup of phlegm and his then-girlfriend.

Absent some third-party document providing a thorough rundown of what went down in that tunnel, all anyone can do is speculate. Hopefully that comes soon.