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Lawyer Can't Turn Off Kitten Zoom Filter During Court Appearance, Tells Judge He is Not a Cat

Stephen Douglas
Kitten Zoom filter derails legal proceeding.
Kitten Zoom filter derails legal proceeding. /

Working from home creates a unique set of problems that many people have been dealing with for the last year or so. Among those is how to do everything remotely, which has led to a big increase in the use of video chat applications like Zoom. During a legal proceeding in Texas this morning, a lawyer accidentally applied a filter that made him appear as a cat, which led to the iconic and hilarious line, "I'm here live, I'm just not a cat." And the judge's equally funny response, "I can see that."

This is honestly one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. The judge is very patient and understanding and the other lawyer tries his best to ignore what is happening, but that "I'm not a cat" line finally gets him to look up and laugh. Just an incredible performance from everyone involved. Including the kitten filter which somehow conveys the proper amount of distress the lawyer is experiencing as his assistant tries to fix it.