LaVar Ball Would Be "Deterrent" to LeBron James Joining the Lakers

Ryan Glasspiegel

Without using this as another opportunity to adjudicate LaVar Ball’s newsworthiness, there’s an interesting subplot to his repeated breaking of promises to Magic Johnsonand the Lakers organization that he wouldn’t meddle in their affairs: What does LeBron James think of all this?

While it’s presumable that LeBron hasn’t made any final decisions yet about his whereabouts next season, the Lakers have long been up in conversation as a potential destination. Today, Colin Cowherd asked Chris Broussard, who is pretty connected to LeBron’s camp, what type of impact LaVar’s outspokenness may have.

“If LeBron is strongly considering the Lakers, they have to understand LaVar would be a deterrent,” Broussard answered. “Now, I haven’t been told that by LeBron or anything, but I’m just saying common sense would tell you LeBron James is not trying to go into all that mess, in the twilight of his career, when all he wants to do is win. The Lakers have to deal with that.”

Even as Broussard acknowledges he’s speaking out of “common sense” and not connectedness here, this will be a storyline worth keeping an eye on.