Keenan Thompson Brought Back 'LaVar Ball' for SNL Weekend Update

LiAngelo Ball 21st Birthday Party
LiAngelo Ball 21st Birthday Party / Cassy Athena/Getty Images

LaVar Ball has been relatively quiet recently. Especially in comparison to back when Lonzo Ball was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, when LaVar was at his absolute peak of LaSanity, showing up on debate shows to claim he was better than Michael Jordan, starting shoe companies and entire basketball leagues. He rose to the point of being parodied on Saturday Night Live. Last night, Keenan Thompson returned as LaVar Ball to remind us of what life used to be like.

The LaVar Ball era was absurd and as something that was pre-COVID, it's easy to forget just how harmless and fun he really was. Thompson really has fun with the character and I think America does too.

It's actually surprising we don't hear from the real LaVar Ball more often. He pops up on TMZ to complain about playing time here and there, but he seemed like he was everywhere a couple of years ago.

He pretty much did what he said he was going to do. He got two of his three sons to the NBA and neither of them are going away anytime soon. Lonzo Ball isn't in line for the GOAT title, but he's become a good player and a great compliment to Zion Williamson. Lonzo is also shooting 39% on 7.8 three-point attempts per game this season. Meanwhile, his youngest son, LaMelo Ball looks like a possible superstar. He's the likely Rookie of the Year.

We will monitor the situation.