LaVar Ball's Reality Show Retained 10% of It's Facebook Audience From 1st to 2nd Episode

Stephen Douglas

Ball in the Family, the Big Baller Brand infomerical starring Los Angeles Lakers draft pick Lonzo Ball, his father, LaVar Ball and various other people with that same last name, premiered on Facebook on Friday. Over 5 million people watched the first episode. The second episode, which was released at the same time, retained approximately 10% of the audience.

This is apparently not a show which people want to binge watch. These numbers probably demonstrate that people are very interested in looking at this circus in snippets and soundbites, but anything more may be unnecessary.

Of course, maybe the second video just didn’t autoplay and viewers immediately went off looking for $250 flip-flops. Or people could only watch the first episode before leaving work early for a busy holiday weekend. We’ll monitor the numbers on these videos closely.