LaVar Ball Claps Back at Barkley

Ryan Glasspiegel

LaVar Ball joined The Herd in-studio on FS1 today. Ball, because of his charisma and machismo, is a lightning rod. Those qualities also happen to make him compelling radio and television.

In the snippet above, he responded to the criticism of his having previously said that his oldest son Lonzo, a star at UCLA, would be better than Stephen Curry. Charles Barkley, for example, called the father out for “stupidity.”

“Here’s the thing — I don’t pull anything back. Whatever I say I say,” Ball said. “It’s just what Charles Barkley is saying — what all these guys — if Charles thought like me, maybe he’d win a championship. He’s saying that sometimes when stuff comes out of people’s mouth it’s just stupid. Guess what? You talking too.”

“Everybody has an opinion how things work,” Ball continued. “I don’t care about that. I put the goals up high. I know what my boy’s about. I know what work he put in. It’s not a one-on-one sport, but if it is one-on-one I’m gonna take the taller, faster, stronger guy.”

Later in the segment, Ball talked about the apparel company he is building — Big Baller Brand — and made it known that while he is competing with the Nikes and Adidas of the world, he’d welcome the idea of a partnership or acquisition.

Not gonna lie: I’d go long on equity in that business right now.

While there are certainly legitimate criticisms of LaVar Ball — his younger sons’ chucking, despite his protestations, can hurt their team at times — his force of personality is going to keep him relevant. Time will tell how the basketball careers of his three sons pan out.