LaVar Ball Back in the News, Says Someone Got in Lonzo's Ear

Bobby Burack

It was only a matter of time until Lonzo Ball’s biggest advocate, his father LaVar, made some news by being critical of his son. During an appearance on The Weekly Pass podcast, LaVar said someone has gotten in Lonzo’s head and it was not him talking when he made his comments about the Big Ballers Brand’s ZO2s and how they’d fall apart during games:

LaVar is referring to his business partner Alan Foster who is under investigation for stealing more than $1 million away from Lonzo. So, yeah, Lonzo has some reason to be upset with how things have gone down at BBB.

The Pelicans, who acquired Lonzo this summer, have a lot of positive momentum right now and nothing is less needed for them than LaVar getting back into the picture. Surprisingly, it’s been quite some time since LaVar created a headline regarding Lonzo. All good things for content creators do come to an end, though.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a new shoe brand to rock, here is another reminder you have one less option to select from.