Video of Lauren Boebert Being Kicked Out of 'Beetlejuice' Performance


Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was removed from a performance of the musical Beetlejuice in Denver Tuesday night. We now have the footage.

According to the Denver Post, Boebert and a companion were booted after, "causing a disturbance," officials for the venue claimed Boebert was vaping, singing and using a cell phone during the performance. The two also became argumentative and refused to leave before being threatened with police involvement.

Police did eventually arrive and stayed in the lobby until Boebert and her companion left. The pair had reportedly been warned to stop their disruptive behavior during the intermission after several audience members complained. They continued behaving inappropriately after the intermission and were recording the performance, which led an usher to ask them to leave.

Here's the footage of Boebert and her male companion being escorted from the theater:

On the way out, you can see Boebert giving an earful to the staff member escorting her out of the theater. It doesn't look like a pleasant conversation.

Boebert later took to Twitter to admit she had been kicked out, claiming she was "laughing and singing too loud."

That is not what the officials from the venue claim happened.