Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Was Weird But Good Without an Audience

Kyle Koster

An unfortunate 1-2 punch of the current situation is that there's going to be a dearth of fresh comedy to help people who really need it to distract from reality. Most shows that tape in front of a studio audience are doing the prudent thing and halting production. And not to beat an already anxious horse here, but people should prepare for a long haul.

HBO brought us a special stripped-down version of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Sunday night and it was bizarre. Oliver delivered his commentary from spartan digs without the aid of a laughtrack. It looked a lot like a new YouTube show trying to find its footing online.

The content, of course, was still excellent with the comedian trying to find some levity in a dark situation. The whole episode is a moment in time with experiencing, but his bit about Liverpool likely getting robbed of a Premier League title provided a nice sports foothold.

And I absolutely agree. Give the Reds what they deserve. It's been a long time coming.

Oliver followed that up with a heartfelt plea to be good to others, which cannot be repeated enough.

On a hopeful note: it's going to be a cataclysmic release when sports and entertainment return, whenever that is. Things we've long taken for granted and under-appreciated are being rapidly revealed as luxuries and it's only going to increase the passion and appetite for consumption down the road.