Last Public Payphone in Manhattan Removed

Alexi Rosenfeld/GettyImages

Payphones used to stand watch along Manhattan's streets, bearing witness to all kinds of nonsense and providing a much-needed service to those out and about who needed to make a call. Cell phone market-corrected their existence and New York City began the arduous process of removing them in 2015. Back in March, they city announced plans to uproot the final four. This morning only one remained standing — at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 49th Street. It breathed its final breaths in a solemn ceremony marking the end of an era, and one savvy on-looker was smart enough to document the historic moment - with a cell phone.

Free WiFi stands and charging stations have been offered as replacements and to be sure, they are helpful. But what happens now when Clark Kent needs to turn into Superman? Is he really going to have to schlep to a private phone bank and perform his quick change without forgetting to get a receipt for his Daily Planet expense report? I guess so. What about when Kramer goes to visit a new girlfriend and gets lost? What about when Keifer Sutherland wants to teach Colin Farrell a lesson?

Didn't anyone think of the consequences?

There are many things we'll miss about payphones. Chief among them has to be the unique smell on a roasting summer day. Thick enough to choke on.

An end of an era. And a reminder time comes for us all.