'Last Chance U: Basketball' Trailer Looks Incredible

Last Chance U: Basketball
Last Chance U: Basketball /

The new season of Last Chance U will be arriving next week and Netflix dropped a trailer for the show's sixth installment. This year there's a twist, though: it will focus on junior college basketball instead of football.

The sixth season follows the 2019-20 season for the East Los Angeles College Huskies as they attempt to win their first California state basketball championship. The series is technically a spin-off, but the producers have stopped doing the football version of the show, so to fans this will simply continue the journey.

Here's the trailer:

The trailer looks great and I'm all-in on the new season.

Honestly, as a long-time fan of the show I was worried when they decided to move on from the football concept. I just think that sport lends itself to great storytelling more than basketball can simply because of the sheer number of players available to base episodes around. That said, it looks like the format has adapted really well to JC basketball.

I'll be binging when it hits Netflix next week.