This $8,000 Vegas Daytime Bar Tab Has the Internet Buzzing, But at What Cost?

Encore Beach Club, Wynn Las Vegas
Encore Beach Club, Wynn Las Vegas / David Becker/Getty Images

Las Vegas resorts were able to open up at full capacity starting on June 1st, but that didn't stop people from celebrating in Sin City over Memorial Day Weekend. One man spent the day at Encore Beach Resort at the Wynn and (proudly?) shared a picture of his bar tab with a friend who posted it on Twitter. It is ... something else! Just take a look.

What's your favorite part? The $20 bottle of Tito's for $825? The $300 case of Red Bull? The $800 venue fee where you pay for the privilege to spend another $8,000? Or the thought of someone trying to get through a day with this much booze by surviving off two shrimp skewers and some chicken fingers?

Yeah, it's definitely the $75 chicken fingers.

Somehow, this makes dinner at Salt Bae's joint look like a bargain. At least at Nusr-Et you get some gold and a few steaks. Whoever paid this tab probably only got a sunburn. Plus, the true baller quesiton remains, did he leave an extra tip on top of the guarunteed gratuity?