Larry Fitzgerald Would Like His Dad to Show Some Professionalism

Liam McKeone
Larry Fitzgerald
Larry Fitzgerald /

The Cardinals pulled out a shocking win against the Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday afternoon. As always, Larry Fitzgerald was a large part of that victory, leading the team with four catches for 48 yards and a touchdown.

He also got the chance to razz his dad during his postgame interview, which meant Sunday was a great day for the Cardinals wideout. Larry Fitzgerald Sr. has been in sports media for a long time, and his phone went off while interviewing his son after the game. Fitzgerald the younger immediately hopped on the chance to poke fun at his father and asked that he show some professionalism.

Leading his team to a win in one of the toughest road environments in the NFL, then getting a chance to pounce on a mistake made by his dad? It couldn't have been a better afternoon for the future Hall of Famer.