Largest McDonald's In the World Ready to Make London 2012 Olympic Athletes Fat

Stephen Douglas

The 2012 London Olympics are almost here, so it is nearly time for McDonald’s to open their biggest location ever – a 1,500 seat, 32,000-square-foot, 2-floor restaurant in Olympic Park. This beastly McDonald’s is one of four temporary locations that has been constructed for the 2012 summer games. From the Daily News:

“The one in the Athletes Village is likely to be the busiest of all of them and athletes know more than most people what they should and shouldn’t be eating,” Jill McDonald, chief executive at McDonald’s UK, told The Sun.

Yes. The athletes will be running to McDonald’s in between events. Of course, not everyone is excited about McDonald’s involvement.

The Academy of Royal Medical Colleges recently said that having McDonald’s sponsor the Olympics sends the wrong message — not least in Britain, which is battling increasing obesity. The group also criticized London Olympic organizers for accepting sponsorships from Coca-Cola and brewer Heineken, the official drinks sellers at the games.

Sports, McDonald’s, Coke, Heineken, the Olympics sound awesome. Michael Phelps is going to be huge by the end of the games.