If Lane Kiffin Is Doing SEC Media Calls from the Toilet Then He's a Hero, Full Stop

Kyle Koster
Mark Brown/Getty Images

Ninety-nine percent of the time, I find it easy to ride hard for journalism, access, and holding the highest-paid state employees' feet to the fire. The other one percent of the time, though, I am in the bathroom — the human condition's great equalizer. It seems that affording everyone the opportunity to enjoy that room in peace is the very least we can do as a society.

Poor Lane Kiffin had that inner sanctum violated — allegedly — during a media call this week. Forced to juggle between answering questions and answering the call of nature, the Ole Miss coach chose both. At least the unmistakable sound of a toilet flushing suggests.

And you know what? If that is, in fact, what happened, then Kiffin is a relatable hero. Who among us hasn't been on a Zoom call in quarantine when pressing business arrived? Who among us hasn't struggled with the mute button?

The bright side in all of this is that the video camera wasn't on. Or that footage has been shielded from the public. Which, again, probably for the best.