Lane Kiffin Had a Helpful Suggestion for a Texas A&M Player

Tim Warner/GettyImages

Lane Kiffin had an eventful night piloting Ole Miss in College Station as the Rebels knocked off the Aggies, 31-28. This was undoubtably immense satisfying for him considering the Jimbo Fisher of it all. As supporting evidence, consider the fact he used the postgame victory glow to call back a clown comment. But he was locked-in and multitasking before the final outcome was decided. Here he is having a conversation with Texas A&M defensive back Bryce Anderson. Our best unpaid lip-readers on social media appear to agree on a not-so-serious Jokerish suggestion to fake another injury.

Anderson is a true freshman, which is pretty crazy because six months ago he was getting everything together for prom and now Kiffin is jawing at him with potentially a little retrograde manhood-questioning in there for good measure. Life comes at you fast.