The Last Thing Lane Kiffin Said Before Being Annihilated By Alabama: 'Get Your Popcorn Ready'

Ole Miss v Alabama
Ole Miss v Alabama / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Lane Kiffin brought one of the best quarterbacks in the country and a seemingly unstoppable offense into Tuscaloosa to stare down the buzzsaw that is the Alabama Crimson Tide. His Ole Miss side was getting 15 points, but there was a bit of electricity in the run-up, perhaps because there was a Johnny Manziel-Texas A&M vibe to the whole thing.

During a pre-kick interview on CBS, Kiffin ended his thoughts with the following: "Here we go. Get your popcorn ready." Upon that, he flipped his headset in the air and took off for his perch on the sideline. It was an absolutely magnificent half-minute of television.

Once the ball was kicked off things went south rapidly for Kiffin and the Rebels. After 30 minutes the Rebels had attempted five fourth-down conversions and still has zero points to show for it. Alabama is now well on its way to obliterating the once-promising Ole Miss' highest of hopes.

People are predictably going to dunk on or criticize Kiffin for the perhaps accidental catchphrase. But you know what? I loved it. If his team goes out there and stuns the world, it's a quote that goes down in college football lore and cements a fun-as-hell rivalry for the next 10 years. This could end up with a final tally of 63-0 but at most this stays in the news cycle a few days before everyone's on to the next thing. Oh well.

This little bit didn't work out. Hopefully the next one will because the sport's better when Kiffin is one of its main characters.