Landry Jones Leaves Game With Injury

Kyle Koster
Houston Roughnecks v Dallas Renegades
Houston Roughnecks v Dallas Renegades / XFL/Getty Images

It's been a rough day for Dallas Renegades quarterback Landry Jones. First, he threw three first-quarter interceptions. Then an opposing player needled him in very public fashion. Now, to add injury to insult, the former Steeler suffered a knee incident while running a quarterback sneak.

The video doesn't really show how bad the contact was, but Jones had trouble limping off the field and didn't return. Jones was the first quarterback allocated in the XFL and one of the names that was supposed to draw people in.

The extent of Jones' injury is unclear. Any other league would see the loss of one of its marquee players as a detriment to selling it as a product, but the XFL exists in a world of its own. People seem to just kind of watch becasue it's on, not because there's any connection to the players, teams or outcomes.