LaMelo Ball Vows to Change [His Number] Next Season

Charlotte Hornets v Atlanta Hawks - Play-In Tournament
Charlotte Hornets v Atlanta Hawks - Play-In Tournament / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The Charlotte Hornets' season ended on Wednesday night with a blowout loss to the Atlanta Hawks. LaMelo Ball had 26 points and eight assists in the game, making just 7-of-25 field goal attemps. The next day Ball gave his exit interivew and announced that things would be different next year.

Yes, LaMelo is switching numbers after painfully wearing the number two during his first two seasons with Charlotte.

Hearing this out here in the real world, this seems like the most ridiculous thing to be so serious about. LaMelo wore the coolest jersey number in Hornets history his first two season and no one but his father remembers what number he wore in high school or overseas. Does he even know that Baron Davis and Muggsy Bogues wore the number one for the Hornets? It's a shame that all the jerseys commemorating first season will be sullied by that number. Luckily, he only cares about the Hall of Fame.