Lamar Odom Reportedly Has a "Hardcore" Drug Problem

By Mike Cardillo

Lamar Odom apparently has a fairly serious drug problem, according to multiple online gossip sites, but those sites are reporting conflicting exclusives on the 33-year-old NBA veteran’s drug of choice.

TMZ reported early Sunday morning Odom is addicted to crack cocaine. The report says the NBA veteran went to rehab prior to the 2012-13 season and was clean during the season with the Clippers but picked up the habit again when it was over. TMZ writes that Odom’s “hardcore” drug use is behind the marital troubles between him and Khloe Kardashian.

"Sources say Lamar’s crack use was extreme before he went to rehab, but he cleaned up his act during the basketball season that just ended. Sources say shortly after he hung up his jersey, he started again with a bang."

Meanwhile Radar Online’s exclusive report is that Odom is hooked on OxyContin and Ambien.

Hopefully Odom will be able to beat his addictions, whether real or alleged.