Brady Poppinga: 'Lamar Jackson is the Poor Man's Taysom Hill'

Kyle Koster
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The first rule of appearing on a sports radio show is knowing your audience. You're going to want to tailor your material to their wants and needs. Former NFL linebacker Brady Poppinga understands this. As a BYU alum appearing on a show called Cougar Sports with Ben Criddle, he brought all the shine.

Without further ado, here is the take that scrambled TBL writers trying to find out if it was real with all the urgency of Prince William abandoning an interview to race to his battle station.

After further review, it is definitely something that was said on air Friday. The full context can be heard around the 16-minute mark of Poppinga's segment.

Lamar Jackson was unanimous winner of the 2019 NFL MVP. Hill accounted for 445 total yards and seven touchdowns, which was just shy of Jackson's totals of 4,333 and 43, respectively.

One can only imagine the thrill of giving voice to this opinion while on microphone. The rush must have been unreal. Gaining a strange new respect for Poppinga, previously known as the poor man's Ray Lewis. Or was that the other way around?