Lamar Jackson Had New York Jets Players Lining Up For His Jersey(s)

Stephen Douglas
New York Jets v Baltimore Ravens
New York Jets v Baltimore Ravens / Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson threw a career high 5 touchdown passes against the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football. Jackson completed 15 of 23 passes for 212 yards and rushed for 86 yards on 8 attempts. It was about as good as a Lamar Jackson performance can be so it's no wonder that Jets players were literally lining up to exchange jerseys with the likely MVP.

I'm sorry, what? It's a relatively new tradition for players to exchange jerseys after a game, but Jackson broke out a stack of his own jerseys like he was at a trading card show.

This makes me think that agents are involved in setting this up. Whatever the circumstances, after this clip makes the rounds, it should go back to being a spur of the moment thing because these guys look more like fans than competitors. And how much more valuable or special are these than any jerseys a fan can buy and have signed?