Lamar Jackson is Feeling Himself Right Now

Ryan Phillips
Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson / Silas Walker/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson has been ridiculous this season and is coming off what might be his best professional performance. So when he was asked to compare his style to another quarterback, he shut that talk down immediately. Lamar Jackson is worried about Lamar Jackson. No other player comparison will do. Not even Deshaun Watson.

Remember, this is the same Lamar Jackson who bought a pair of "deal with it" sunglasses and wore them on the sidelines this week. After an offseason of hearing skeptical opinions about his ability, Jackson is clearly over the doubters and letting them all know how wrong they were.

You do you, Lamar.

So far this season, Jackson has completed 65.9 percent of his passes, for 2,432 yards, with 15 touchdowns against five interceptions. He currently ranks fourth in NFL in QBR (76.2), ninth in passer rating (101.7) and seventh in yards per attempt (8.0). Oh yeah, I guess I should also point out that he's 11th in the NFL in rushing yards (702) and has six rushing touchdowns while averaging 6.6 yards per carry.

He's a legit MVP contender so we should probably stop comparing him to other guys around him. Let Lamar Jackson just be Lamar Jackson. He seems happy with the product, and so should we.