Three Lamar Jackson Trade Destinations

Liam McKeone
Lamar Jackson
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Chicago Bears

Everybody keeps saying the Bears should trade Justin Fields and take a QB with the No. 1 overall pick. What if they did that but instead gave up the No. 1 pick for Jackson? What a turn of events that would be. And it isn't as crazy as it sounds! Chicago has nearly $100 million in cap space so they can give Jackson whatever he wants financially while still having cash to improve every other part of the roster. The top overall pick in this draft might be the only singular asset the Ravens will accept in exchange for Jackson so they wouldn't have to give up much else. The Bears get a more proven quarterback and an opportunity to win immediately as the division opens up for the first time in decades.

The toughest part about this theoretical trade is finding someone to take Fields while still staying high in the draft. The Bears sucked real bad this past season and will want to reap some benefit from it in the form of a high draft pick who will be good and cheap for the next five years. If they can find someone in the top-15 willing to trade their pick for Fields, then flipping the first overall selection for Jackson is a lot more viable. This is a Madden trade more than a real life trade but the Bears check every other box so it needs to be considered.