Three Lamar Jackson Trade Destinations

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Lamar Jackson
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Detroit Lions

It is tempting to throw the Lions onto any list that involves getting an elite quarterback because the franchise has been down bad for so long and the quickest route to fixing that is getting as good a quarterback as possible. Jackson certainly qualifies and would raise the ceiling of the team quite a bit. Detroit has the assets to outbid any other team in terms of this year's draft, with four picks in the first two rounds, including No. 6 overall. They even have a decent enough quarterback to give back to the Ravens if they don't want to take a risk on a rookie. And there is plenty of cap space to fit a Jackson extension in there. It makes all the sense in the world on paper.

However, doing this trade does not seem to fit the ethos pushed by GM Brad Holmes and HC Dan Campbell over the last two years of this hardcore rebuild. They want to create a competitive team from the ground up filled with players who only care about getting better every day. They've also said several times there is no shortcut to accomplishing their goals. Giving up a ton of assets for a guy who might get traded because he won't compromise on a fully-guaranteed contract seems to go against all the above points even if Jackson's work ethic is legendary. Especially after the team played playoff-caliber football down the stretch with Jared Goff. If Jackson were merely a free agent and this was a money question, it would be more realistic. But since it's draft capital and money... It isn't likely. But it is a possibility.