Lamar Jackson Disputes Adam Schefter Contract Report on Twitter

Liam McKeone
Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

Lamar Jackson has gone mostly radio silent since the end of the season as he negotiates a new contract with the Baltimore Ravens. Things are obviously not going great because the Ravens franchise-tagged Jackson before free agency began this week, and nobody really has an inkling about what's going on. On Tuesday, Adam Schefter was discussing the situation on his podcast and reported that Jackson turned down a contract offer at the beginning of the season that included $200 million guaranteed.

Jackson saw that and broke his silence on Twitter, tweeting out a picture of a bunch of hats. As the kids say, he was calling cap on the report.

Then he tweeted that people are just throwing stuff around and seeing what sticks.

This is not the first time we've heard something about that contract but it is the first time Jackson directly responded to reports about it. It doesn't really shed any light on the situation but it does not portend a conclusion to the saga in the near future.