Lamar Jackson Plays Beach Football, Gets Wrecked Over a Wave Runner

Kyle Koster
Mark Brown/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson makes a living with his incredibly athletic body. As one of the most electric dual-threat quarterbacks to ever take a snap, maintaining healthy legs is of paramount importance both to him and his employer, the Baltimore Ravens. So he probably shouldn't be playing full-contact beach football without fully considering the risk. And yet that's exactly what he's doing.

Professional sports teams ask their players not to do high-risk physical activity all the time so it won't be surprising if we learn the Ravens sprinted to the phone to tell Jackson to spend his time doing more relaxing things. Though, I do have to say that some people are really focusing on the Wave Runner aspect of this video and that seems misguided to me.

The real injury risk here is cutting on uneven sand. Getting tackled over a floating object, even if it's heavy and large, is not the same as careening into something on the ground that doesn't have any give. More likely than not the Wave Runner would add bruising to any existing malady.

Still, we probably won't see any further Jackson-beach videos emerging. Bad news for his friends athletic enough to tackle him -- no small feat.