The NBA and ABC Owe Tyler Herro an Apology For Celebrating and Monetizing This KCP Foul

Stephen Douglas
KCP's block of Tyler Herro.
KCP's block of Tyler Herro. /

The Los Angeles Lakers blew out the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the 2020 NBA Finals. After a great start for the Heat, the Lakers dominated and walked away with a 1-0 lead. No one play decided the game, but Miami fans are happy to point out that the Lakers had a 27-14 free throw advantage. One play in particular that should have closed the FT gap came late in the fourth quarter when Tyler Herro was chased down and rejected by Kantavious Caldwell-Pope. Kind of.

As you can see in this clip, KCP smacked Herro in the head. This was an obvious foul and under different circumstances could have been called flagrant.

ESPN and ABC showed the replay going to commercial and Mike Breen called it a "terrific rejection." Of course, at that point he saw what actually happened and the broadcast went to break with a deafening awkward silence, never to be mentioned again.

At least until the official NBA Twitter account turned it into sponsored content a few minutes later. Celebrating the "chasedown rejection" with the hashtag "CloroxDefense." There wasn't a single other defensive play to celebrate last night? Was Anthony Davis not a menace to Heat culture all night long? Where is the truth in advertising?

Tyler Herro should not have to put up with this. He is a certified postseason hero. He deserves better. So does Clorox.