Lakers Clear Enough Cap Space For Second Max Contract

Liam McKeone

The Los Angeles Lakers finally got what they wanted and paired Anthony Davis with LeBron James. Unfortunately, the financials surrounding the trade and the timing raised questions about whether the Lakers would have a second max contract to offer potential free agents.

They fixed that problem on Thursday, when they traded most of the remaining players on their roster to the Wizards and convinced Davis to waive his $4 million trade kicker.

The Lakers now consist of LeBron, Davis, Kyle Kuzma, and Alex Caruso. Still, these are two important moves for the Lakers. They’ll now have $32 million in cap space, enough for another max contract offer to give LA a new Big Three. The question now remains of who that third will be. While the smarter move would be to spread that money around to fill out their roster, the Lakers are all about the flashy lifestyle, and will almost definitely go all-in on another All-Star talent.

Jimmy Butler remains an option. Kawhi Leonard hasn’t expressed interest in the Lakers, but they think they can convince him to at least take a meeting. Kemba Walker was most recently linked to the Celtics, but anything can change between now and 6 p.m. on Sunday. The Lakers were never really out of it, but now that they’re armed with a max contract, you can’t count them out of any free agent discussions.