Ladies Love Mike Wilbon


Mike Wilbon has been one of our favorite sports columnists since we began reading his opinions in the Washington Post in the early 1990s. He’s a big star now thanks to the success of PTI, and everyone wants a photo with him. Especially ladies! Five more after the jump.

Once, we had the joy of sitting next to Wilbon on a flight – the blog was just in its infancy – and the number of people who stopped by to say hi to him was astonishing. He’s got an easy way about him. (Kornheiser’s got a similar appeal, but he’s too much of a recluse. Dan LeBatard seems to be an up-and-comer in the popularity department.) Sure, he’s gotten a little vanilla as his star has grown, and yes, his cozy relationships with some former athletes (like Jordan and Barkley) can be off-putting, but he’s still Wilbon. We should add that this post is not at all suggesting anything – Wilbon’s a married guy with a kid. When you run a google image search on the guy, this much is clear – there isn’t a more popular sportswriter with the ladies.