Ladies and Gentlemen: Your 2019 Detroit Tigers

Kyle Koster

In 2003, the Detroit Tigers flirted with setting a Major League record with 120 losses. They may reach that unfortunate ground this season, which has been excruciatingly painful. The Tigers are now 35-81 and even my dad, who has nothing else to do most weekday nights, won’t watch them. It is truly a sad state of affairs.

Last night, they dropped another game to the Seattle Mariners. Kyle Seager hit three home runs. One of them, the last one, looked like this:

That’s poor Niko Goodrum and Brandon Dixon coming together to pull a modified Jose Canseco. And it’s too bad because these two have arguably been brighter spots for a roster mostly playing in the dark.

I guess if nothing else it’s a selling point for anyone looking for a reason to watch a game. Yeah, the home team’s probably not going to be walking away with a victory, but the bloopers will be fantastic. In mid-August with all lost, at least it’s a straw to grasp.