Brian Windhorst Suggests Kyrie Irving Could Reunite With Kevin Durant on Suns

Liam McKeone
Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant
Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

If you thought the pair of trades that sent Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant out of Brooklyn would be the last we'd hear of their drama, think again! We're just getting started. While Irving is now with the Dallas Mavericks and Durant is with the Phoenix Suns, their days of playing together may not be over yet. Brian Windhorst went on Get Up this morning and said a potential reunion in Phoenix this summer should not be discounted.

"Well, first off, I'd like to just point out that Kyrie and James Harden are free agents in the summer. So if you think this is over, it ain't over. And Kyrie really was interested in being in Phoenix. So just start thinking about that."

This is classic Windhorst, vaguely alluding to something publicly with a tone that suggests he knows more than he is saying. Sounds a lot like the Jazz spiel that made him go viral over the summer.

Are we all tired of Kyrie/KD content? Absolutely. Would it be worth getting back on the carousel to see how they burn down another NBA franchise? Absolutely. It is incomprehensible that any team would sign up for the Kyrie experience after the last five years and even more so that the Suns would do the exact same thing the Nets did and expect it to work out for them.

But that's the NBA for you. Free agency will be a blast this year!

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