Olden Polynice: Kyrie Irving Told Steve Nash to Give Kobe Bryant Back His MVP's at a Party at Nash's House

Stephen Douglas
Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics
Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Another day another incredible nugget about the Brooklyn Nets. On the most recent episode of the Fox Sports podcast The Odd Couple with Rob Parker and Chris Broussard, Olden Polynice shared a new story about the dynamic between coach Steve Nash and his players, specifically, Kyrie Irving.

“One of the reasons why there’s issues between he and Kyrie Irving is because of a statement he made during a party at Steve Nash’s house. Okay? In front of everybody, Kyrie said, you know, 'You need to give those MVP trophies back to Kobe. You didn’t deserve them.'”

This apparently happened at Nash's house and Polynice says that was the "beginning of the end of Nets" because they don't respect Steve Nash enough to ever succeed in the postseason.

How have we not heard that one before? If that's true it would certainly make sense that Kevin Durant would want him fired.

Of course, there are so many other questions. Like when was this happening where the Nets were having a party with an unvaccinated Kyrie Irving. And if that's how Kyrie feels about Nash, why did he help hand pick him as coach in the first place? I guess if it made sense it wouldn't have to do with Kryie.

Anyway, opposing fans should probably keep this in mind. Getting Kyrie to nod along with a chant about giving Nash stealing Kobe's MVP's would cetainly be something to behold.

[h/t Lakers Daily]