Kyrie Irving Claims He Was 'Incredibly Selfless' as a Leader in First Press Conference Since Nets Trade

Liam McKeone
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Kyrie Irving got in front of media members for the first time as a Dallas Maverick this afternoon. Irving's trade from the Brooklyn Nets became official Monday night, so the point guard went to practice today and sat in front of a microphone afterwards.

As you might have expected, it was quite a doozy and filled with many choice quotes. Irving said he felt "tolerated" instead of celebrated in Brooklyn and seemed pretty mad about the "disrespect" he claims to have received while with the Nets. When asked to separate the fact from fiction in regards to his ugly exit, Irving launched into a monologue about how he felt he did everything right, including taking a "selfless" approach to leadership.

Which is a hilarious thing for him to say. Obviously.

Kyrie Irving is many things. Selfless, is not one of them. It is honestly impossible to frame him blowing off nearly a full season's worth of games because he didn't want to get vaccinated as a "selfless" decision and I cannot imagine the mental gymnastics he had to undergo in order to reach that conclusion. But here we are anyway.

The Mavericks signed up for this, so good luck to them.

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