Kyrie Irving Is 'Serious' About Signing With Brooklyn Nets


The Brooklyn Nets have recently emerged as big-time players for this year’s coveted free agent market. They play in New York and have a respected combination of front office people, coaches, and players. They just offloaded Allen Crabbe’s albatross of a contract to the Hawks at the price of the first draft pick that they’ve owned since the Billy King fiasco.

They’re serious about going big-game hunting this offseason. It’s getting close to the time to seal the deal, and it seems like it’s going well, as Adrian Wojnarowski reports Kyrie Irving is “serious” about the Nets.

This is not the first we’ve heard Irving to the Nets, most recently from Stephen A. Smith. Brooklyn clearly feels their rebuild is over, and Irving would be a huge get for the maligned franchise that has had to claw its way out of the abyss over the last half-decade. While their rumored thoughts about pairing Irving with D’Angelo Russell probably isn’t the best idea, Irving would be an excellent prize who would, at the very least, grant legitimacy to the franchise as a free-agent destination. Perception is everything, and once other stars see Irving’s interest, they’ll be more inclined to explore the avenue as well.

There’s still over three weeks until the bell sounds and free agency begins, and a lot can change. But its looking like there’s a new dawn imminent for Brooklyn Nets basketball.