Kyrie Irving is Doing an Uncle Drew Movie

Stephen Douglas

Kyrie Irving will star in a movie based on his Uncle Drew character from the popular soft drink commercials according to Variety.

"Described as “Blues Brothers” in the pick-up basketball world, Longino’s pitch shows Drew and his old squad on the legendary Rucker Park basketball court in Harlem. Years later Drew is talked into returning to the courts to compete in a tournament and goes on a road trip to round the old squad up to play."

Hard to believe the original Uncle Drew spot is nearly 5 years old now. Back then Kyrie was just getting buckets for bad Cavaliers teams. Now he’s got an NBA Finals-winning shot over a 2-time MVP on his resume and he’s popular enough to star in a movie about himself wearing sweatpants and a fake beard. He is the American dream. Perhaps this could take the release date that Ronda Rousey’s Road House will never use.