Kyrie Irving Takes a Shot at Celtics Fans After They Booed Him

Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks
Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks / John Fisher/GettyImages

Kyrie Irving and Boston Celtics fans do not have a great relationship. The enigmatic 29-year-old guard played two seasons in Boston before bolting to join the Brooklyn Nets in 2019. Now he gets booed every time he steps foot on the court at TD Garden. Irvin took a shot at Celtics fans after his Nets lost to Boston 126-120 on Sunday.

During the game Celtics fans took things to another level with chants of "Kyrie sucks" throughout. Towards the end of the contest, Jayson Tatum attempted to quiet those chants:

Irving was asked about the booing and the chants during his postgame press conference. He said the following:

"I know it's going to be like that the rest of my career coming in here. It's like the scorned girlfriend who wants an explanation on why I left but still hoping for a text back. I'm just like it was fun while it lasted."

I'm sure that'll go over well.

Irving verbally committed to staying in Boston long-term before the 2018-19 NBA season. He eventually went back on his word and signed with the Nets during the 2019 offseason, joining Kevin Durant in Brooklyn. Let's just say that didn't go over well in Boston.

That relationship will never be mended. So expect both sides to continue to antagonize the other until Irving retires.